Matt tells his 10 humorous travel tips to Dave Letterman

Nov. 4, 2011 at 9:02 AM ET

Before jetting off on his 10th around-the-world trip, Matt offered 10 humorous travel tips to David Letterman last night.

One of his best? "Foreigners don't like it when you call them 'Pappy.' " Watch the other nine below.

Dave feigned indifference about Matt's destination -- "I don't care where he is," the late-night host said. "But if I saw him hopping the fence in my backyard, I'd care about that!"

But Dave didn't fool us: At the end of the segment, he tried to sweet-talk Matt into giving up one of his destinations. Matt, of course, wouldn't budge.

Dave will have to find out along with the rest of our viewers every day next week!

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