Matt to Ryan Seacrest: Are you taking my job?

April 4, 2012 at 8:08 AM ET

Ryan Seacrest is coming to NBC, but not to take Matt Lauer’s job.

The "American Idol" host and reality TV mogul will make his debut in primetime as part of NBC’s coverage of the London Olympics this summer.

On TODAY Wednesday, Seacrest addressed the rumors that he has been in discussions with NBC brass to become Lauer’s replacement at the anchor desk.

Lauer asked the question directly.

“Oh, they didn’t tell you?’’ Seacrest cracked, adding, “I see you doing this for as long as you want to so maybe the question is, how long will you be on the TODAY show?’’

Lauer joked that he wanted “names and dates’’ of the discussions Seacrest had with NBC executives.

"They were mostly about filling in to do weather," Seacrest joked. 

Seacrest has long been a part of the E! Network, which is under the NBC Universal umbrella. He said that “the plan is for me to join the NBC family and continue to have a role with the E! Network."

Lauer revealed that the two had dinner together after reports first surfaced that Seacrest could be taking his job.

“I think you would be great at this job, and secondly…Ryan and I are friendly,’’ Lauer said. “We have talked about this and joked about this. There is no tension here. I bought dinner, which I think was completely inappropriate.’’

A likely announcement that Seacrest will remain with “American Idol’’ is also forthcoming.

“I plan to stay there,’’ Seacrest said, stopping just short of making it official. “I expect to be on that show.’’

Seacrest also discussed his burgeoning reality TV empire, as his production company is in charge of the Kardashian family shows and several others.

“There’s clearly an appetite for it, and it makes financial sense,’’ he said. 

Earlier in the morning, Seacrest made himself comfortable in Lauer's dressing room and, later his anchor seat. "I can't catch a break," Lauer joked. 

Wednesday morning, "Ryan Seacrest" was a trending Twitter topic. editor Steve Veres contributed to this report.