Live from Studio 1A: Get a Clue!

May 1, 2007 at 9:32 AM ET

We all know that when it comes to the Where in the World clues each day, the Today anchors do a pretty good job of guessing.  But most of you don't know that there's actually another clue aficionado here at the Today show, News Producer Jim Wilson.  While many of us may overhear the locations as the week goes on, Jim prefers to be surprised, and tries to decipher Matt's clues each day . I spoke with him this morning to get his thoughts on the best and worst 'Where in the World' clues.

Q:  What's been your favorite clue of all the 'Where in the Worlds'?

JW: My favorite clue was the one I guessed correctly!  It was about  2 years ago, and Matt gave the clue: "Automatically here, people live 2 stops from the park."  As soon as I heard that, my brain started to picture driving into work, picturing the automatic shift of the car, and automatically 2 stops from park is neutral.  My brain starts thinking neutral country...Switzerland.  Al Roker happened to be in the newsroom when I said that, and gave my explanation as his answer to Matt's clue the next morning.  Matt responded to Al saying "Jim Wilson is a very smart man," as the camera pulled out to reveal Matt's location at the Matterhorn in Switzerland.  That moment is on my personal highlight reel!

Q.  What's the secret to guessing a 'Where in the World' clue correctly? Why is someone like Al so successful at it?

JW: The key is thinking outside the box, and Al is very good at it. He has a creative mind.

Q: What did you think of this morning's clue?

JW: I thought it was relatively easy.  The spelling of Clare was somewhat unusual.  I put 'Clare' into Google, and County Clare in Ireland came up.

Q: What clue has been the most difficult to figure out?

JW: I think tomorrow's clue is probably the hardest 'Where in the World' clue I've seen.

Just to reiterate, the clue for Day 3 of Where in the World is Matt Lauer is "As the son also rises, power is money here, with billions on the horizon."

Where do you think Matt will be?