Kathie Lee's top 10: Why she misses Hoda

Oct. 4, 2011 at 11:52 AM ET

Wondering where Kathie Lee has been for the past two weeks? She's in Seattle, working on her much-anticipated musical, "Saving Aimee," which opened for previews on September 30. But thanks to TV, she's never far away for long.

Kathie Lee sent her love to Hoda and guest host Bruce Jenner this morning, and revealed the top 10 reasons why she misses Hoda.

Here they are:

10. I miss all your stupid songs.

9. I miss you saying "Heeyyy" first thing in the morning.

8. I miss you laughing at all my jokes.

7. I miss your saucy butt going up the stairs into the kitchen.

6. I miss you pulling your Spanx up.

5. I miss you saying, "Have a great show!"

4. I miss you asking, "So how's it going?"

3. I miss you asking, "Where are we going to lunch?"

2. I miss you telling me, "Don't worry. 'Saving Aimee' is going to be great."

1. I miss you.

Missing Kathie Lee? No worries, fans. She'll be back soon! Tell us the reasons why you miss her in the comments below.