Amy Robach

Introducing Weekend TODAY's Life Illustrated

Jan. 6, 2012 at 4:27 PM ET


There is nothing like a photograph of personal significance to share a memory, inspire empathy or trigger an emotion. TODAY's Life Illustrated is your outlet to show Weekend TODAY the precious moments in your life.

Each week, we will showcase on air the pictures that matter most to you. From candid family photos, to awe-inspiring nature scenes to thought-provoking moments, we want to see what matters most in your life. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and now is your time to be heard. 

To give you some examples, here are a few photographs from members of the Weekend TODAY team. To submit your own photos to TODAY's Life Illustrated, please click on this link and follow the directions

Dee Dee Thomas, Weekend TODAY executive producer /
"Did you bring the breadcrumbs?" This photo was taken by Kyle Thomes. This picture is of my son Charles with 2 of his good buddies, Violet and Maxence. It reminds me of that time when we are kids and all we know is what's in front of us. 3 kids out to conquer the world -- who knows what they will accomplish, but they will do it together!
Jenna Wolfe, Weekend TODAY anchor /
This was me dangling at the top of Toronto's CN TOWER, the world's tallest free standing structure. I love heights. Do they scare me? Of course, but I thrive on that fear. It's what lets us know we're alive. To be 2000 feet in the air with nothing more than a safety cable between you and the ground is exhilarating. I look at this picture and it always reminds me of how I stared fear in the face and owned it.
Jenna Wolfe, Weekend TODAY anchor /
This was me surfing off the Barbados coast. I was born and raised in the Caribbean, a corner of the world where "island time" is the only time. This snapshot encapsulates peace and serenity. It's just me and a warm wave and my familiar West Indies wind guiding me as I surf. Nothing better.
Amy Robach, Weekend TODAY Anchor /
Amy Robach enjoys some family time on a sunny day. Look close and you'll even see a few baby chicks joining in on all the fun!
Jenna Wolfe, Weekend TODAY anchor /
This is me and my nephew Max, named after my late grandfather....the most wonderful man to ever walk this planet. Max is the perfect little bundle courtesy of my brother Michael and my sister-in-law Jill. This picture just screams LOVE. Unfiltered, unconditional, blissful LOVE.
Lester Holt, Weekend TODAY anchor /
The water shot was taken a couple of days before the tropical storm hit NYC. I was along the water's edge at Battery Park desperately trying to compose my thoughts before shooting an on-camera standup. A colleague took this.
Lester Holt, Weekend TODAY anchor /
The kids were following us on a documentary shoot near Aurangabad, India over the summer. They were naturally curious but respectful as we got our pictures. Afterwards I went to thank them and we snapped off a few shots together.
Lester Holt, Weekend TODAY anchor /
The dog photo was a few days after we took-in an abandoned dog. He was undernourished, dehydrated and tired and all he wanted to do was curl up on our laps and so I obliged. We named him Maddie.