Hoda put up her Christmas tree: How does yours compare?

Dec. 14, 2011 at 10:28 AM ET

Have you gotten into the holiday spirit? TODAY's Hoda Kotb has.

Yesterday, Hoda decided to finally buy and put up her Christmas tree. After finding the perfect spot for it in her home, Hoda tweeted a picture, saying "My tree is kinda short and fat.... What do u think?"

Hoda Kotb /
Hoda's Christmas tree


Apparently, Hoda didn't expect her tree to turn out this way. During this morning's chat, she revealed that she didn't unwrap it till she got home. She thinks it "should have heels," to give it some height.

Have you bought and put up your Christmas tree? How does yours look? Tell us in the comments, and send your photos here and we might post them on

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