Hoda gets 'Low, Low, Low' with Flo Rida

Jan. 13, 2012 at 11:58 AM ET

By Danielle Brennan, TODAY.com producer

 Thursday night, TODAY senior producers, staff and anchors attended a fun and festive party celebrating the show’s 60th anniversary.

As the lights went low and the music (of Flo Rida and Pitbull) began, Hoda Kotb busted out some serious moves.

Fans of iHoda's playlist know the fourth hour co-host loves to shimmy her shoulders, sing and dance. But who knew she could get down quite like this?

Check out these snaps of Hoda, breaking it down on the dance floor with Flo Rida.  

Hoda and Weekend TODAY co-anchor Amy Robach hit the dance floor with Flo Rida.


Heidi Gutman/NBC /
Hoda gets down with Flo Rida.
Is Hoda having a good time? It looks like it!


We're just saying, Flo Rida may want to consider going on tour with Hoda as a back-up dancer.

For more images of the entire celebration, check out this TODAY at 60 slideshow!

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Hula hoop dance-off: KLG vs. Hoda vs. Florence Henderson

Guess who's filling in while Hoda is at jury duty?

Danielle Brennan is a producer for TODAY.com. She is often the first and last person on the dance floor and tends to know all the lyrics to any song that the DJ might play. The next time Hoda needs a dancing partner, she'll be right there next to her busting some moves.