Has Anthony Mackie been crushing on Hoda for the last 18 years?

Jan. 17, 2012 at 12:15 PM ET

Was Anthony Mackie flirting more than usual with Hoda during this morning's segment?
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Mackie has demonstrated his affection on TODAY several times, giving Al a bear hug and cuddling up to Kathie Lee. But until Tuesday, his crush on Hoda remained a secret.  

While chatting with the TODAY fourth hour co-hosts, the actor joked that in his new movie, “Man on a Ledge,” his character has a wife named Hoda. 

“Not funny,” the real Hoda said, laughing.

“I didn’t even choose that. That’s crazy,” Mackie replied.

Kathie Lee stepped in: “Why don’t you two stop the silliness?" she said to the pair. "There is such sexual tension.”

“18 years,” Anthony revealed.

“You’ve been in love with Hoda since you were a child in New Orleans. Do something about it!” Kathie Lee said, pushing Mackie to make a move. “She likes the caveman approach.”

“It’s all right. It’s okay. I’ll like her from afar,” he said.

In reality, both Hoda and Anthony are taken. But that doesn't mean they can't share a platonic friend-crush, right?

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