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Fare share: Bobbie Thomas salutes gracious NYC cabbie

March 19, 2013 at 11:00 AM ET

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TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas (right), shown with Hoda Kotb (left) and Kathie Lee Gifford (center), can be seen during the Fourth Hour of TODAY every Friday.

Who says New Yorkers aren't friendly? (Well, some people do.)

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas discovered the softer side of the most famous urban jungle when she realized she was without her wallet after taking a cab ride a few weeks ago. "The only thing worse than realizing you've left your wallet behind is the awkward attempt to explain and sort out your situation," Bobbie told "Anxiety, dread and embarrassment are just a few of the emotions swirling in your stomach as you try to convince someone you didn't do it on purpose!"

Bobbie promised the taxi driver she'd send him a check when she got home (a promise they have likely heard all too often), and she did – with triple the fare. The gracious cabbie then mailed her a thank-you note (which, if you know NYC taxi drivers, seems out of character). He was touched by Bobbie's honesty, writing: "There is still hope for us in this world. People can trust each other, even strangers."

Bobbie Thomas /
A note from the cab driver, thanking Bobbie Thomas.

Bobbie posted the letter on her Facebook page Monday night and it has since garnered more than 800 likes, with folks commenting how sweet and inspiring it was. "There are still good people out there!" chimed in a fan. "You were meant to be his customer and he was meant to be your driver," said another.

"I became more aware of the profound power of the good in people," Bobbie said of the incident. "So I wanted to share the story, hoping it may inspire the hope Adam mentioned."

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