Fan who kissed Enrique is first in line 20 hours before concert

Aug. 18, 2011 at 10:34 PM ET

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Melissa Dominguez holds a sign with photographs of all her interactions with Enrique.

By Steve Veres, TODAY.com

Melissa Dominguez became a hero in the eyes of every woman last year when Enrique Iglesias plucked her out of the TODAY concert crowd and planted a big kiss on her lips.

A year later, she's leading a pack of about 35 dedicated souls already camping out as of 9 p.m. ET Thursday for Enrique's big follow-up performance Friday morning at Rockefeller Plaza.

And Melissa, who started the line at noon on Thursday with four of her friends, is wishing for a bit more this year.

"I'm hoping he embraces me and gives me the ultimate kiss -- the one I've been waiting for," she said. "It could be a bit more than last year. A bit more open, suckable. But I'm not sure Anna will appreciate that." Tennis champ Anna Kournikova is Enrique's long-time girlfriend.

Melissa and Enrique have become quite close after last year's special moment during the TODAY concert. "In 2010, I saw my husband six times," Melissa joked about Enrique. She even says Enrique knows her name by now. 

"He does not forget who you are," Melissa said. "He is God's angel. I love him."

Melissa's friends -- including Ines Contreras, 26, who flew up from Miami for the concert -- are seemingly just as excited. Each came bearing signs, seats and plenty of blankets to survive the night on the NYC streets.

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Ines Contreras, Maria Mele, Patty Mele, Melissa Dominguez and Stephen Robles, from left to right, are the first in line for Enrique Iglesias' concert on TODAY.

Stephen Robles, 16, is a singer from Milford, Conn. "My dream is to be in a stadium full of my fans and have them sing back to me a song that I wrote," he said. "Enrique is living that." 

And 16-year-old Maria Mele, who's waiting in line with her mother Patty, has been a die-hard fan ever since Enrique pulled her up on stage with him on her birthday when she was 7. Maria was even carrying a photo of that special moment.

Patty met Melissa after last year's TODAY concert. "He's an amazing artist," Patty said. "It's a shame more aren't like him." 

Watch video of the Enrique's kiss with Melissa from last year in the first video below. Watch Melissa's reaction in the second video. And if you're going to be in our concert crowd tomorrow morning, send us your photos and reactions! We'll post the best ones on allDAY.