Did you guess correctly? Explanation for Malaysia's clues

Nov. 8, 2011 at 8:57 AM ET

Matt stands with TODAY's Amy Robach.

Updated Nov. 9 at 7:15 a.m. ET:

Matt revealed he was inside Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers for the third day of Where in the World. 

Did you guess correctly? 

Matt's clues pointed to the fact that he moved ahead 13 timezones -- an unlucky number; people welcome each other with the word "Helo," which is one "L" taken away from the English greeting of "Hello"; and he was standing on a skybridge over dry land that connects the two Petronas Towers. The picture clue was a close-up shot of a Hindu temple. 

Al Roker guessed correctly! And many of our savvy viewers also figured it out in the comments below! Congratulations are in order for FredCLE, LLMinton (for the second time!) and Pattyt-4473583. On our Facebook page, Kerron Pappagiorgio Purchess, Sharon Katz Kaufman, Kris Forke and Marta Visu answered correctly!

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Original post updated at 8:55 p.m. ET with the completed picture:

Matt kicked back in Madrid's Plaza Mayor for the second day of his Where in the World adventure. Where will he go tomorrow? Here are two clues to help you solve that riddle. 

Here's the clue Matt revealed on air this morning: 

It may seem a bit unlucky, but we've moved ahead without you as we take an "L" to welcome you to this bridge over dry land. 

Viewers can also unlock a second picture clue.

The mosaic below is a picture clue to his next destination. To fill the mosaic so that the clue is revealed, click "Add Me" below or simply tag your tweets with #WhereIsMatt. Encourage your friends to tweet #WhereIsMatt as well to help reveal the picture more quickly.



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