Conan photobombed TODAY!

Nov. 2, 2011 at 11:19 AM ET

Can you see him? That's Conan in the crowd.

And even though he was right under our noses, we totally missed it.

About a month ago, Conan O'Brien decided he wanted to visit some of his "former coworkers" at NBC but "didn't want to make it awkward." So the TBS host put on a disguise – a pretty creepy 'stache, San Diego Chargers sweatshirt and hat that created a look he called "hipster pedophile" – and made his way to Rock Center.

As Al, Ann, Matt and Natalie chatted on the plaza, there was Conan, lurking in the background and chewing gum. The best part? No one noticed. (We were clearly distracted by this noodle portrait of Al that day).

Sure, he looked a little out of place in the crowd. But who would have guessed that under that disguise was a bonafide celeb? He revealed the photobomb on his show yesterday; check out the clip, below.

Well played, O'Brien. Well played. (And thanks to BuzzFeed for helping us spot this!)