Ellen DeGeneres

Ann Curry teams up with Ellen DeGeneres to prank tourists

Oct. 3, 2011 at 6:04 PM ET

Updated on 10/4: Here's the full video of the prank!

Original post: TODAY’s Ann Curry is known for her professionalism and hard-hitting interview skills. So you might imagine the reaction of some unsuspecting California tourists when Curry appeared to have slightly lost her marbles while interviewing them. But it was just a prank masterminded by comic Ellen DeGeneres.

Ann was in L.A. to interview Ellen for her new book, so it only made sense for Ellen to turn the tables on Ann and have her appear on her syndicated talk show.

First, Ellen sent Ann out into Universal Studios and had some fun telling Ann what to do to tourists she was interviewing about affordable family vacations. The first two women Ann spoke with couldn’t help laughing as the microphone found its way shoved against their mouths, cheeks and by the end, foreheads. They seemed to suspect something was going on (Ann's giant yawn might have given it away -- we all know she would never do such a thing in a real interview!)

We got a sneak peek of Ann and Ellen’s tag team work with these ladies this morning on TODAY. If you missed the clip, you can see it here:

Perhaps the funniest moment was when Ellen prompted Ann to ask a woman what she thought Ann’s favorite food was. Ignoring the answer Ann responded, “It’s curry! Get it, that’s my name! Curry!” She then proceeded to laugh crazily on Ellen’s advice, leaving the woman speechless.

With the tourists now in on the prank, Ann returned with them to the studio to sit down and chat with Ellen. Ann admitted the hardest part was putting the microphone on the faces of the first two women.

"You were so hilarious," Ellen laughed. "You were so serious."

"Just having you in my mind was a crazy adventure! I liked it though," Ann told her.

Ann's exclusive interview with Ellen will air on TODAY Tuesday, discussing her new book “Seriously, I’m Kidding.”