Al Roker does the weather old school

Oct. 24, 2013 at 8:25 AM ET

Technology: Sometimes it's your best friend...sometimes not so much.

Al Roker's super-sized weather computer decided to take a personal day, but that didn't stop our fearless weatherman from delivering the forecast for "your neck of the woods" with an orange dry erase board.

The consensus on Thursday's outlook: he nailed it.

The TODAY anchors

This isn't the first time TODAY has presented the weather by hand. Al mimed the weather a few weeks back, and TODAY's first anchor Dave Garroway delivered the national weather forecast via chalkboard and phone back in the 1950s.

Video: Watch TODAY anchor Dave Garroway deliver the national weather forecast via telephone and by hand.

Thankfully the computer was back up and running by later portions of the broadcast, allowing for a beautiful in-studio reunion. 

Al Roker

But that didn't stop the gang from having a little fun at camera operator Tom Hogan's expense.