15 songs on Savannah Guthrie's Go-To Playlist

Sep. 10, 2012 at 6:59 AM ET


TODAY's anchors will each be DJ for a day this week, selecting the music that plays on the broadcast. 

The songs all come from their Go-To Playlists, which they use to wake up, work out or unwind.

First up: Savannah Guthrie! 

She was teased late last year when her iPhone started playing the "Glee" version of "All By Myself" live on-air. Spoiler alert: The original song is on her list. 

Find her complete Go-To Playlist below. 

Subscribe to Savannah's playlist on Spotify, a streaming music service. You'll need to download the free software to play the songs on allDAY.

Viewers will pick the songs Friday. Tell us your favorite tunes on Facebook, tweet@TODAYshow using the hashtag #TODAYPlaylist or submit a video testimonial here

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