These prints will add wow to your wardrobe

Looking for a quick way to update your summer wardrobe?

Just pick up one of this season’s charming printed pieces and make it your signature for the next few months.

It could be almost anything — a printed handbag, a pair of shoes or a versatile caftan that you can wear from day to night.

It’s an easier look to achieve than you may think — and it’s all right here in the latest edition of our weekly fashion-and-beauty update.

You will also find fruit prints on cute little wallets, coin purses and on charms that you clip on to your handbag. Watermelons and cherries are the hot fruits, so keep your eyes peeled!

To make sure the floral print you love this year will also be a fave in the future, choose a design printed on a neutral-colored background such as white, ivory, navy or black.

The pareo is a large, printed piece of fabric that can be wrapped, tied and worn in multiple ways — as a dress, a halter, a skirt (or sarong) or as sash, wrap or shawl. Go for it!

Love this look? Go for the unexpected, such as a watercolor Liberty print on a wear-everywhere summer skimmer (shown here from Delman, $215).

Live in your skirt this summer because this trend will be over by Labor Day. If you don’t want to go full speed, try a “tourista” printed scarf from the ’50s — check out your local vintage stores or the Salvation Army.

Judy Gordon is a New York-based style consultant and the “Today” show’s style editor. She has been covering the fashion and beauty beat for the past decade. To learn more about Gordon, you can visit her Web site, , which highlights style trends in America and across the world.

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