1. Another American doctor infected with Ebola

    Another American missionary doctor has tested positive for Ebola, an aid group said Tuesday.

    9/2/2014 5:15:35 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T17:15:35
  1. Report: ISIS kills second American journalist

    SITE Intel Group, a jihadist monitoring organization, announced on Tuesday that the Islamic militant group ISIS has killed American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff.

    9/2/2014 5:34:24 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T17:34:24
  1. Dan Hallman / Dan Hallman/Invision/AP

    Joan Rivers remains on life support, her daughter Melissa Rivers says

    9/2/2014 5:59:58 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T17:59:58
  1. Kirsty Grant / Kirsty Grant

    See why this baby is smiling... and why his dad is cringing

    9/2/2014 5:26:01 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T17:26:01
  1. Carrie Underwood / Twitter

    Carrie Underwood announces pregnancy on Twitter ... with help from her dogs!

    9/2/2014 12:20:07 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T12:20:07
  1. Courtesy Nationwide Children's H

    Breast-feeding boost: What parents feed infants has lasting effect, research finds

    9/2/2014 5:33:19 AM +00:00 2014-09-02T05:33:19
  1. Araya Diaz / Getty Images Contributor

    Justin Bieber charged after ATV collision in Canada

    9/2/2014 4:39:34 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T16:39:34
  1. cookieandkate.com

    Summer isn't over yet! 5 ways to savor the peak days of summer squash

    9/2/2014 6:40:05 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T18:40:05
  1. Brazen bike bandits caught on camera

    NBC national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen and his team locked a bike to a tree in San Francisco and not only captured its theft on camera, but followed it on its journey after being stolen.

    9/2/2014 1:24:01 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T13:24:01
  1. US launches airstrikes against rebels in Somalia

    video The U.S. launched airstrikes against a militant leader in Somalia with ties to al-Qaeda. They’re digging into intelligence to make sure they got their man. NBC’s Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski reports.

    9/2/2014 11:39:06 AM +00:00 2014-09-02T11:39:06
  1. TODAY

    video Counting Crows perform ‘Mr. Jones’ on TODAY plaza

    9/2/2014 6:35:21 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T18:35:21
  1. 7 healthy food choices for your kids

    video TODAY health and diet editor Madelyn Fernstrom explains why it’s a good idea for your kids to choose pizza bites over chicken nuggets and eat honey graham squares rather than chocolate sandwich cookies.

    9/2/2014 3:28:50 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T15:28:50
  1. Lionsgate; Walt Disney Pictures;

    'Gone Girl,' 'Mockingjay' and more: 7 can't-miss movies coming to theaters this fall

    9/2/2014 11:23:03 AM +00:00 2014-09-02T11:23:03
  1. TODAY

    video Hoda simplifies the ‘Cloud:’ It’s ‘hocus pocus’

    9/2/2014 3:29:44 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T15:29:44
  1. TODAY

    video CDC director: Ebola epidemic ‘spiraling out of control’

    9/2/2014 11:49:11 AM +00:00 2014-09-02T11:49:11
  1. TODAY

    video Jenny McCarthy marries Donnie Wahlberg

    9/2/2014 6:35:57 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T18:35:57
  1. TODAY

    video Guys Tell All: How to get a man to talk in bed

    9/2/2014 3:29:03 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T15:29:03
  1. TODAY

    video Tamron eats cooked squirrel on ‘Running Wild’

    9/2/2014 2:03:11 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T14:03:11
  1. TODAY

    video ‘Madden 15’ glitch shrinks linebacker to 1-foot-2

    9/2/2014 12:45:48 PM +00:00 2014-09-02T12:45:48
  1. TODAY

    video Obama heads to NATO summit amid ISIS crisis

    9/2/2014 11:23:34 AM +00:00 2014-09-02T11:23:34
  1. TODAY

    TODAY and Telemundo team up for Viva TODAY

    8/28/2014 12:26:59 PM +00:00 2014-08-28T12:26:59
  1. AP, Everett Collection

    Keanu Reeves is 50? Whoa! Which role is his most excellent?

    9/2/2014 10:58:45 AM +00:00 2014-09-02T10:58:45
  1. TODAY

    Four amputee veterans experience baby boom together

    9/1/2014 2:12:13 PM +00:00 2014-09-01T14:12:13
  1. Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock / Monkey Business I

    4 things that will help kids get ready for school, no yelling required

    9/1/2014 6:11:41 PM +00:00 2014-09-01T18:11:41
  1. TODAY

    video Before and after photos explain the stress of school

    9/1/2014 1:17:37 PM +00:00 2014-09-01T13:17:37
  1. Shutterstock

    7 new tricks to banish late-night food cravings — for good

    8/31/2014 12:14:59 PM +00:00 2014-08-31T12:14:59
  1. Courtesy of Hockley family

    Sandy Hook mom: Shootings changed how we feel about going back to school

    8/29/2014 1:02:40 PM +00:00 2014-08-29T13:02:40
  1. Beat it or eat it? Take our quiz about healthy snacks for kids

    September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. We're going to take a look at snacks and foods for kids to learn which ones to eat — and which to beat!

    8/31/2014 3:16:00 PM +00:00 2014-08-31T15:16:00
  1. TODAY

    video Meet the girl who grew a new ear under her own skin

    8/31/2014 1:04:32 PM +00:00 2014-08-31T13:04:32
  1. TODAY

    video Kickball making a comeback among adults

    8/31/2014 1:07:22 PM +00:00 2014-08-31T13:07:22
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