1. ‘Totally dumbfounded’: Mom arrested for letting son walk to park alone

    Nicole Gainey was charged by police after she permitted her 7-year-old son to walk to a local park alone near their Florida home.

    7/30/2014 1:11:16 PM +00:00 2014-07-30T13:11:16
  1. Bren Herrera

    Join Fresh Cooks Live! Make skewered veggies, fruits and more

    7/29/2014 11:16:14 AM +00:00 2014-07-29T11:16:14
  1. TODAY

    Steals and Deals: 5 great baby shower gifts

    7/30/2014 12:32:30 PM +00:00 2014-07-30T12:32:30
  1. TODAY

    video Richard Engel reports: Children among 15 dead in shelling of Gaza school

    7/30/2014 11:44:28 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T11:44:28
  1. Alex Miller via YouTube

    Sister loves brother too much to let him grow up

    7/30/2014 1:26:08 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T01:26:08
  1. Home safety tips: 6 things to do before you leave for your summer vacation

    As people jet off on summer getaways to places near and far, it's easy to get caught up planning all the fun waiting for you at your destination.

    7/30/2014 1:23:32 PM +00:00 2014-07-30T13:23:32
  1. @StormCoker/Twitter

    Yosemite wildfire swells, threatens giant sequoias

    7/30/2014 11:19:18 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T11:19:18
  1. TODAY

    video Indiana women narrowly escape freight train

    7/30/2014 11:45:40 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T11:45:40
  1. TODAY

    video Water main break floods UCLA

    7/30/2014 11:29:13 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T11:29:13
  1. TODAY

    video Abigail Hernandez faces alleged kidnapper at hearing

    7/30/2014 11:55:27 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T11:55:27
  1. Getty Images file

    Martha Stewart explains why she loves her drone

    7/30/2014 11:32:18 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T11:32:18
  1. 7 things you’re not doing to prevent skin cancer

    Here’s a scary fact as you plan another sun-soaked vacation this summer: Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is on the rise.

    7/29/2014 9:12:37 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T21:12:37
  1. No-cook recipes! BBQ chicken rolls, cheesecake and more

    Every parent has faced the temptation of the take-out menu after a long, chaotic day. But with these easy, no-cook recipes, you can whip up a meal your family will love in no time.

    7/29/2014 8:29:07 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T20:29:07
  1. Javier Pesquera / ABC

    'Bachelorette' superfan: Stop the shame game!

    7/30/2014 12:27:07 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T00:27:07
  1. Courtesy of Steve Tillotson

    6-year-old 'Rapunzel' chops off her hair for kids with cancer

    7/29/2014 6:54:06 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T18:54:06
  1. Getty Images, Warner Bros.

    Everything will be awesome if Will Arnett is in 'Lego Movie' sequel

    7/30/2014 11:21:05 AM +00:00 2014-07-30T11:21:05
  1. Woman spots ‘destroyed’ wedding gown in window

    video A New York woman thought her wedding gown was history when the dry cleaner she left it with was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. She was surprised when she saw the dress in the owner’s new store.

    7/30/2014 12:47:49 PM +00:00 2014-07-30T12:47:49
  1. TODAY

    Prince Harry jumps on the royal photobombing bandwagon

    7/29/2014 4:11:56 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T16:11:56
  1. Shutterstock

    3 mocktails so good you won't miss the liquor

    7/29/2014 8:15:40 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T20:15:40
  1. Got a healthy frozen treat that tastes too good to be true? Show us!

    You could appear on TODAY and have our anchors sample your slim-sational dish! Send us your recipe for healthy frozen treats and enter Joy Bauer’s “Too Good To Be Healthy” competition.

    7/29/2014 2:22:48 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T14:22:48
  1. Nbc / Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

    James Franco shows Jimmy Fallon how to take a cool selfie

    7/29/2014 6:28:28 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T18:28:28
  1. Justin Namon / Courtesy of the Adrienne Arsht C

    Alvin Ailey dance camp gives disadvantaged teens a chance to shine

    7/29/2014 5:25:18 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T17:25:18
  1. Lance Booth/TODAY

    Learn to make pizza, calzones on the grill

    7/29/2014 2:39:19 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T14:39:19
  1. The 10-minute, 100-calorie burn workout

    What are your biggest excuses for skipping your workouts? No time?

    7/29/2014 9:03:47 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T21:03:47
  1. AP, Everett Collection

    slideshow The most memorable style icons

    7/28/2014 6:44:53 PM +00:00 2014-07-28T18:44:53
  1. Extreme parenting: Who are we to judge?

    Sometimes, I can’t help myself: I judge other dads and moms. Especially those whose parenting approaches are a little unorthodox.

    7/29/2014 6:52:01 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T18:52:01
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