1. Ed Suba Jr. / AP

    'Hero' bus driver sacrifices her life to save 10-year-old student

    9/18/2014 6:45:02 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T18:45:02
  1. Beverly Mitchell via whosay

    Too soon? Nah. From '7th Heaven' to 'Buffy,' we love these retro reunions

    9/18/2014 7:25:46 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T19:25:46
  1. Rafael Mantesso

    Fun photos of dog give artist new leash on life after break-up

    9/18/2014 8:09:04 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T20:09:04
  1. Kids who died from flu last season: Most skipped vaccine

    Half of Americans are still failing to get vaccinated against influenza, even though it kills thousands every year, health experts said Thursday.

    9/18/2014 6:06:30 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T18:06:30
  1. Varuna / Shutterstock

    Belly fat: 3 science-tested ways to trim an inch

    9/18/2014 4:58:33 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T16:58:33
  1. Reports: ISIS releases haunting propaganda video of British hostage

    ISIS released a haunting propaganda video showing a British captive promising to illuminate the “the truth” behind the militants’ network and criticizing his government and the U.S. approach to hostage negotiations.

    9/18/2014 3:49:57 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T15:49:57
  1. Getty Images

    First plus-size show hits London Fashion Week

    9/18/2014 4:03:58 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T16:03:58
Jennifer Aniston
  1. Jennifer Aniston: From hair icon to hair tycoon 

    The actress talks about “The Rachel” and her latest ventures in the hair industry. 

    9/18/2014 12:28:17 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T12:28:17
  2. Flashback: TODAY visits the ‘Friends’ set

    video The cast of ‘Friends’ became a regular fixture on TODAY.

    9/18/2014 12:52:27 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T12:52:27
  1. TODAY

    video Dachshund skydives with owner

    9/18/2014 12:47:35 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T12:47:35
  1. Getty Images stock

    Social media boundaries: Should teachers and students be 'friends'?

    9/18/2014 2:17:30 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T14:17:30
  1. Lukas Coch / EPA

    Duchess Kate withdraws from Malta trip due to illness

    9/18/2014 11:56:03 AM +00:00 2014-09-18T11:56:03
  1. Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images file

    Socks with sandals: fall fashion do or don't-even-think-about-it?

    9/18/2014 2:30:42 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T14:30:42
  1. TODAY

    video Watch this pup play billiards like a pro

    9/18/2014 3:57:45 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T15:57:45
  1. Empire Diner

    It’s National Cheeseburger Day! Celebrate with these 4 recipes

    9/18/2014 6:22:04 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T18:22:04
  1. TODAY

    video Flashback: TODAY visits the 'Friends' set

    9/18/2014 12:52:27 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T12:52:27
  1. A little can go a long way: Sharon Epperson's 10 tips to save $1,000 by year-end

    You’ll be surprised how quickly you can save $1,000 by the end of the year by reducing or eliminating some expenses for three months and stashing that money away.

    9/18/2014 1:43:41 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T13:43:41
  1. Adrian Peterson’s mom on discipline: ‘It’s not about abuse it’s, about love

    video The mother of the NFL player, who faces domestic abuse charges after allegedly beating his four-year-old son with a stick, says while every parent has gone overboard sometimes with discipline, the intention is  to make them understand what they did was wrong.

    9/18/2014 2:33:26 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T14:33:26
  1. Courtesy of Hilaria Thomas

    Hilaria Baldwin's 3 must-do yoga moves for a good night's sleep

    9/18/2014 10:39:26 AM +00:00 2014-09-18T10:39:26
  1. TODAY

    video ‘AGT’ winner shows amazing card trick on TODAY

    9/18/2014 12:47:58 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T12:47:58
  1. Police look for last person seen with missing UVA student

    video Police say they have started looking for a man they believe may have been the last person seen with missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham. NBC’s Craig Melvin reports.

    9/18/2014 12:20:22 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T12:20:22
  1. TODAY

    video Remnants of Odile brings flooding rainfall to Southwest

    9/18/2014 12:02:40 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T12:02:40
  1. 15 detained in Australia counterterrorism raid

    video Police in Australia detained 15 people and raided more than a dozen properties across Sydney in the country’s largest counterterrorism operation, which was sparked by intelligence that ISIS was planning a violent attack in the country. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

    9/18/2014 11:37:24 AM +00:00 2014-09-18T11:37:24
  1. TODAY

    video Sportswriter Mike Lupica: Credibility of the NFL is suffering

    9/18/2014 11:40:06 AM +00:00 2014-09-18T11:40:06
  1. TODAY

    video Iran president: US-led coalition ‘ridiculous’

    9/18/2014 12:01:39 PM +00:00 2014-09-18T12:01:39
  1. Jemal Countess / Getty Images file

    Darrell Hammond returning to 'Saturday Night Live' as announcer

    9/18/2014 11:26:46 AM +00:00 2014-09-18T11:26:46
  1. Courtesy of Jessica Hester

    Family lauds Miranda Lambert for concert gesture

    9/18/2014 12:34:48 AM +00:00 2014-09-18T00:34:48
  1. Us Weekly

    Lauren Conrad's dream wedding day came with a dress to match

    9/17/2014 11:11:27 PM +00:00 2014-09-17T23:11:27
  1. What you need to know about the NFL turmoil

    The barrage of controversy pelting the NFL right now is complicated, leaving us with a lot of questions. At the front of the storm are the two high-profile domestic abuse cases as well as Roger Goodell's silence. Here's what you need to know about the NFL crisis.

    9/18/2014 11:08:13 AM +00:00 2014-09-18T11:08:13
  1. Obama: US will not fight another ground war in Iraq

    The U.S. will not send armed forces to fight a ground war in Iraq, President Barack Obama told service members at U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida, a day after his top military adviser said he could envision recommending the president deploy ground troops.

    9/17/2014 3:51:00 PM +00:00 2014-09-17T15:51:00
  1. Twitter cia Greg Bennett

    Social media tipsters hope to solve Philadelphia hate crime case

    9/17/2014 11:25:24 PM +00:00 2014-09-17T23:25:24
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