1. Courtesy of Steve Tillotson

    6-year-old 'Rapunzel' chops off her hair for kids with cancer

    7/29/2014 6:54:06 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T18:54:06
  1. Obama: EU cooperation gives Russia sanctions 'bigger bite'

    President Obama announced on Tuesday that not only would the U.S. be imposing additional sanctions on Russia’s defense, energy and financial sectors, but that the European Union would also be imposing new sanctions on the country. 

    7/29/2014 7:55:14 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T19:55:14
  1. Bravo / Steve Jennings/Bravo

    Extreme parenting: Who are we to judge?

    7/29/2014 6:52:01 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T18:52:01
  1. Minnesota man is first American to die in Ebola outbreak

    The Ebola outbreak that has killed hundreds of people in west Africa has claimed its first American; Patrick Sawyer, 40, a consultant for the Liberian government.

    7/29/2014 3:36:41 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T15:36:41
  2. American aid worker who contracted Ebola doing ‘as well as could be expected’
  1. TODAY

    Prince Harry jumps on the royal photobombing bandwagon

    7/29/2014 4:11:56 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T16:11:56
  1. Bren Herrera

    Cook along with TODAY and make skewered veggies, fruits and more

    7/29/2014 11:16:14 AM +00:00 2014-07-29T11:16:14
  1. Nbc / Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

    James Franco shows Jimmy Fallon how to take a cool selfie

    7/29/2014 6:28:28 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T18:28:28
  1. Justin Namon / Courtesy of the Adrienne Arsht C

    Alvin Ailey dance camp gives disadvantaged teens a chance to shine

    7/29/2014 5:25:18 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T17:25:18
  1. Lance Booth/TODAY

    Join Fresh Cooks Live! Learn to make pizza, calzones on the grill

    7/29/2014 2:39:19 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T14:39:19
  1. TODAY

    video Brendan Gleeson plays some rapid fire Orange Room Roulette

    7/29/2014 5:09:26 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T17:09:26
  1. AP, Everett Collection

    slideshow The most memorable style icons

    7/28/2014 6:44:53 PM +00:00 2014-07-28T18:44:53
  1. tamronhall/Instagram

    Tamron's Tuesday trend: The wardrobe staple you need to have

    7/29/2014 1:26:26 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T13:26:26
  1. 3 easy tricks to find the best lipstick color for you

    We recruited some of the beauty industry's top pros to share the secret to finally locking-down a lip color that's totally flattering.

    7/29/2014 2:38:08 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T14:38:08
‘Sharknado 2’ invades TODAY
  1. ‘Downright scared!' Watch Al and Matt’s cameo

    See Al and Matt’s performance in the Syfy movie event.

    7/29/2014 2:19:42 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T14:19:42
  2. Ian Ziering warns ‘Sharknado 2’ storm is coming

    The sequel to last summer’s fin-filled TV disaster flick makes landfall Wednesday night.

    7/29/2014 2:54:21 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T14:54:21
  1. TODAY

    video Can a short daily run help you live longer? Dr. Nancy weighs in

    7/29/2014 1:23:19 PM +00:00 2014-07-29T13:23:19
  1. AFP - Getty Images file

    Catherine Zeta-Jones: ‘I was a mess’ about Michael Douglas’ cancer

    7/28/2014 7:08:04 PM +00:00 2014-07-28T19:08:04
  1. Lance Booth/TODAY

    Sweeten things up with milk chocolate treats

    7/28/2014 8:25:06 PM +00:00 2014-07-28T20:25:06
  1. Karen Warren / AP

    Fallen Marine's mom receives son's tribute flag: 'My heart is finally healing'

    7/28/2014 6:54:17 PM +00:00 2014-07-28T18:54:17
  1. Country music’s highest-paid star is…

    How do you like him now? For the second year in a row, this singer’s topped Forbes magazine’s list of the highest paid country artists.

    7/29/2014 10:51:46 AM +00:00 2014-07-29T10:51:46
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