Can you guess what we will be? See a pic of Willie and Tamron rehearsing for Friday’s big Halloween reveal

Nurse Kaci Hickox defies authorities with bike ride

Kaci Hickox took her campaign against an Ebola quarantine out for a spin on Thursday. The Maine nurse, openly defying an order to stay home after she treated patients in West Africa, sped off on a bike ride on a sunny morning with her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur.

Obama applauds health care workers fighting Ebola

President Obama spoke from the White House Wednesday with American health care workers fighting Ebola, reiterating his message that America needs to support those serving in Africa - not shun them.

4 symptoms of a stroke, how you should react

Model Claudia Mason suffered a stroke when she was 40 after a dance class. She joins KLG and Hoda, along with Dr. Carolyn Brockington to discuss the signs and symptoms that could mean you’re having a stoke.

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