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Stranded Kentucky drivers tell harrowing stories

Hundreds of motorists were stranded overnight on a Kentucky highway after driving in a storm. Warmer weather is forecast for next week, which could mean a quick melt of snow. NBC’s John Yang reports.

Can the snooze button keep the weight off?

You knew getting too little sleep was bad for you, but did you know it might help pack on the pounds? A new study suggests that people who lose as little as half an hour of sleep on a weekday have change in their metabolism that might help them gain weight and that might even put them on the road to diabetes.

Dads push for change from 'Amazon Mom' to 'Amazon Family'

Members of the 1,000-strong dad blogger community that Miller founded on Facebook in 2012 came together this week to revive a cause he believed in – convincing to change the name of the United States-based version of its Amazon Mom program to Amazon Family.

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